Master the Use of Drum Samples in Mixing and Give Your Drum Tracks More Power! 


• Are you frustrated that your mixes sound like demos no matter what you do? 

• Have you realized that your drum sound is the source of the problem?

• Have you tried using drum samples before and are not sure of the best way to integrate them into your workflow?

• Are you conflicted by mixed messages from other engineers regarding the use of samples? 

• Are you looking for a good source to walk you through what’s possible with drum samples?

My name is Matt Boudreau.

I've been recording and mixing since 1994.

The one thing I learned when I started, if your drum sounds aren't good enough - forget about it. You've got demos


"Mixing with Drum Samples"

In this course, I share everything I know to add power and excitement to your drum tracks so they drive and support your mixes. 

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Solid-sounding drum tracks are the foundation of a great mix in almost all forms of Western music!

In Mixing with Drum Samples you will, 

Learn how to incorporate drum samples into your mixes with widely available tools you can download now. 

Explore the most commonly used drum sample tools on the market and how to use them including Trigger, Superior Drummer, and Drumagog. 

Develop drum mixing techniques that will help your samples blend in with your existing drum tracks. 

Turn your weak-sounding drum tracks into powerful, punchy foundations for the rest of your tracks to sit on top of. 

When you buy Mixing with Drum Samples I'll include Bonus material to help you on your journey to transform your drum sound.


• You'll get The Working Class Audio Guide to  Drum Samples. A resource guide that will save you time by pointing you to great sources of drum samples available to purchase. 

• Access to all future course updates. Every time I add a new video to the course you'll get it for FREE!

• A Bonus Chapter on Mixing WITHOUT drum samples. This will come in handy when drum samples are not appropriate for a mix. 

Mixing with Drum Samples


  • Includes 20 videos
  • Includes Mixing without Drum Samples Bonus chapter
  • Includes WCA Guide to Drum Samples
  • Includes access to all future course updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Instructor

I'm Matt Boudreau. I started out as a drummer playing in the bands The Sextants (Imago) and Seven Day Diary (Warner Bros.). In 1994 I produced, recorded, and mixed my first record for a local San Francisco band and fell in love with the "other side of the glass". Since then I've made numerous records, owned a few studios, created a popular podcast on audio, and done a ton of mixing!

I've worked with many unknown and well-known artists. You can hear my work and check me out at

Ben Bernstein

Producer/Engineer/Bass Player

“I thoroughly enjoyed "Mixing With Drum Samples". Matt's expertise and teaching style are easy to understand and provide practical techniques for mixing engineers seeking to take their craft to the next level, or simply fix poorly recorded drum tracks."

Navi Viswanathan

Engineer/Mixer/Sound Designer

"I found the “Mixing With Drum Samples” course very valuable and would recommend it to any mixing engineer. The videos felt like 1:1 coaching, with Matt sharing his wealth of knowledge as an engineer and a drummer, workflows, tricks, and plugins with several real-life examples. These days with more artists recording in less than ideal settings the tools and techniques learned in this course will come in handy and take the mixes up a notch!"

Mixing with Drum Samples comes with a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

If, for any reason, after 30 days, you are not enjoying “Mixing with Drum Samples,” send me an email requesting your refund, and I will process that for you. The purpose here is to show you how to transform your drum sounds. If that is not the case with you, I will gladly give you back your money!

Matt Boudreau-Working Class Audio

Mixing with Drum Samples


  • Includes 20 videos
  • Includes Mixing without Drum Samples Bonus chapter
  • Includes WCA Guide to Drum Samples
  • Includes access to all future course updates

What will your future mixes sound like?

With Mixing with Drum Samples you'll be able to improve your drum sound in your mixes

in a short time. You'll have more punchy-sounding drums by implementing the ideas and techniques in the course. As a result, your drum sound and your mixes will come alive and your clients will love you. 


If you decide to pass you might find your drum sounds continue to be weak and your mixes still sound like demos in the years to come. Your clients will most likely move on to those that can help them get better results.

I know that’s a frustrating thought.

Transform Your Drum Sound Now!