What is WCA Tradecraft About?

Tradecraft is a term typically associated with the intelligence/spy agency world. However I think it works in the context of the audio professional. WCA Tradecraft is a combination of content that is meant to enhance your workflow, knowledge and your audio business. 


Mixing with Drum Samples

In this course, I share everything I know to add power and excitement to your drum tracks so they drive and support your mixes. Master the Use of Drum Samples in Mixing and Give Your Drum Tracks More Power! 

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Working Class Audio Podcast - Pro Tools Session Walk Through

A video walkthrough of how the WCA Podcast is setup in Pro Tools. 


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Sonic Foundations for Podcasters and Journalists 

Boost your audio knowledge and Sonically Transform Your Podcasts and Stories.


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Matt Boudreau's Back Up and Archive  Walkthrough 

A simple walkthrough of Matt's backup and Archive strategy. 


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WCA Drum Samples

Snare Drum Samples Volume 1

Sharkbite Studios Edition

14 Snare Drums

Recorded at Sharkbite Studios - Oakland, California

Played by Rick Mu√Īoz

Recorded and mixed by Matt Boudreau 


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