What is WCA Music About?

I created WCA Music for situations where an artist doesn't have the funds or knowledge of releasing music. This way we both have skin in the game.

We setup a simple 50/50 split of the money earned from Stereo and ATMOS streams, Stereo downloads via Bandcamp, and ATMOS downloads via Immersive Audio Album. 

I am involved in the production and engineering as well as mixing. 

All releases on WCA Music are available in Stereo and ATMOS. 

I'm very selective about the projects I take on. That said, if you are interested in colaborating on a project for WCA Music please reach out. matt at workingclassaudio.com

Room 219 Combo

"Saturday in September"

Room 219 is the place where four friends' love of Jazz was born as middle schoolers. The name Room 219 Combo is a tribute to that place and, ultimately, a tribute to their former band director, Bob Athayde. The band is comprised of Tommy Gallagher on drums, Spencer Tantameng on vibes, Lucas Chow on piano, and Nathan Joseph on Moog. The group brings a traditional approach to Jazz while keeping it fresh with the unique sound of the Moog instead of upright.

Saturday in September is a glimpse into the future of four highly talented young men at the beginning of a long career, collectively or individually.